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I offer Corporate Wellness Programs designed to help reduce stress, to increase creativity and energy, to improve relationships, and to create a peaceful work environment, which can lead to a decrease in sick time and ultimately, an increase in job productivity.  Research has shown that the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, and Reiki Energy may contribute to stress reduction and achieving deep relaxation. Reducing stress allows the mind and body to function with maximum effectiveness.  Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils and Reiki helps to re-connect us with our essence. This connection extends into our daily lives and can result in improved health, more fulfilling relationships, enthusiasm for life and increased creativity.  My class offerings are below.  Call today to schedule a class for you and your staff. 

Class Offerings:

Stress Management and Relaxation
What causes stress and how does the body react to stress? The American Institute of Stress notes that about 75% of visits to primary care physicians are for stress related complaints. Learn a variety of lifestyle strategies and techniques which you can include in your everyday life designed to calm the mind and soothe the body. This class includes information on alternative and complimentary therapies to help to manage stress in your life.
The participants are invited to experience Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil to Calm & Relax and an Essential Oil Blend, Stress Away which may help mental fatigue & relieve occasional nervous tension. 
 “De-stress Kit for the Changing Times” by Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath, available upon request.

Relax… Recharge…Refocus
Do you experience a mid-afternoon drop in energy? Do you find yourself falling asleep at your desk? Re-Energize by incorporating conscious breathing, movement and the power of positive thinking into the work day. Learn breathing techniques to help Relax the body and mind; stretching and yoga postures encouraging movement during the day to help Recharge the body; and experience a short meditation, “Setting Positive Goals and Intentions,” to Refocus the mind. The participants are invited to experience Essential Oils; Lavender to Relax, Peppermint to Recharge and Lemon to Refocus. 

Desk Yoga
Do you feel aches and pains from sitting at your desk all day? Then Yoga is for you! Bring balance, flexibility and peace of mind into your life with the principles of Yoga. Experience how the breath can help to calm, energize and bring balance to the mind and body. Learn stretching and yoga postures you can easily perform in your chair at your desk during the work day. The program will conclude with a short meditation to refresh the mind and the body.

POWER of Positive Thinking
Words and thoughts have power. Aligning with a group and setting an intention to work on a common goal can be a powerful experience.  
Learn how to become centered and set positive intentions for yourself, your life and your work. This can be a powerful personal experience as well as in a group setting. For example: setting the group’s intention to work on a project to be accomplished in a timely fashion with cooperation and ease. You will hear how changing your thoughts and beliefs can have an effect on changing your life. 

Intro to Meditation
Do you need to de-stress? Do you want to experience a Renewal of Energy and have an opportunity to reconnect with your inner being? Learn to Meditate! Meditation is a technology that benefits mind, body and soul and is the anti-dote to stress. During meditation our minds become quiet, allowing our bodies to gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue. Learn the basic principles of meditation and experience a guided silent meditation designed to bring inner peace and relaxation.  

Essential Oils 101
Discover how Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can improve mental focus and concentration; boost energy; restore a calm and balanced mood; and support a healthy immune system. Create a healthy work environment which may improve productivity and cut down on employee sick days. The health benefits of Essential Oils have been known for centuries. With their reintroduction into popular culture and modern times, we are now again seeing their profound effect as people choose to connect with the Wisdom of Nature, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Intro to Reiki Energy 
Do you want to decrease stress and tension and increase harmony and balance in your life? Would you like an opportunity to feel deep relaxation and overall wellbeing? Experience the subtle energy known as Reiki! Reiki is an ancient hands on healing art in which the practitioner channels the energy from the universe and directs it, through her hands by gently placing them on or above the recipient. The recipient takes in as much energy as needed to balance the mind, body and spirit. Learn the basic history and principles of Reiki and experience the flow of this life force energy. 


One Hour Program: $150
Two Hour Program: $250
Travel - Setup Fee: $25

Lynn arrives 30 minutes before the start of the program to set up. She provides handouts and additional helpful information for each program.

A 48 hour notice is REQUIRED for all cancellations. If a 48 hour notice is not given, the client will be responsible for the cancellation fee which is equivalent to the FULL amount of the program.